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Mother Courage Birth

Supporting Courageous Birthers and their Families

I know that giving birth takes courage. Bringing your baby into the world is some of the most important work you will do in your whole life. As your Doula, I will work by your side as you prepare your body, your mind, and your spirit. Helping mothers is my passion. Throughout your pregnancy I will provide you with the support and resources you need to make the decisions that are best for you. I am also a trained breastfeeding counsellor for those who plan to breastfeed. I’ll provide the emotional, educational, and physical support you need not only during labor, but throughout your pregnancy and postpartum as well.

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Mother and baby in autumn
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Meet Lana Joy Wahlquist, CLD, CLES


I'll be here for you

As a certified doula in Ontario, Canada, I offer personalized prenatal, birthing, postnatal, and lactation support. My goal is to give you and your family the attention, knowledge, and tools you need to help you have the best day of your life! As a Certificated Lactation Educator, I will be here to help you get a great start in breastfeeding as well.  I serve families in a wide radius surrounding Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

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All pregnancies are different, with each experience being special and unique in its own way. That’s why I work with you to customize my support services, always striving to meet your needs and expectations. I invite you to view the services I offer below, and get in touch with me to schedule an initial meeting.

Hand on Bump
Nursing Newborn

During Pregnancy

Building your Courage

From our initial meeting all the way through your pregnancy and birth, I take the time to get to know you, your values, your concerns, and your needs. Pregnancy is a time of preparation, physical, mental, and emotional. I am here to help you along the way to be sure that you are prepared for childbirth as much as you can be, and prepared holistically. I typically offer 1-2 prenatal visits in your home at which we go over your birth plan, discuss the things that are most important to you, and go over comfort measures. Together we practice and develop a plan for your labour that includes your partner and is customized to you.

Your Unique Birth

Continuous Labour Support

Studies show that continuous labor support improves outcomes for both mother and baby. As your doula, I will join you in your home at the onset of active labour, to support you and help to foster a relaxed and happy time. As the decision is made to go to your place of birth or call your midwife to you, I will remain by your side until the birth of your baby. After birth, I will assist you as needed, assuring that both the birthing person and the partner get ample time to bond with the baby. I help with cleanup or wherever I'm needed so you can focus on your baby. I remain until you are tucked in tight with your new baby, ready to relax. 

Postpartum Support

A Mother is Born

As part of your doula package, we meet in your home 1 time for a casual follow-up after baby is born. At this meeting we debrief the birth and talk about how things are going. I am here to help you adapt to your new normal, answering your feeding questions, and helping you have assurance that things are on the right track. Whether this is your first baby, or there are older siblings in the home, your doula will help your family find your new rhythm.


Additional lactation support is available as an add-on to your doula package.

Breastfeeding Support

Get off to a Good Start

I have specialized training and experience in helping breastfeeders. There comes a time when you might need more support from a trained helper, outside of what is normally offered as a doula. I meet with you in your home to assist with latching on, positioning, pumping, or whatever your needs may be. Packages are available for stand-alone consults or with as many follow-ups as you wish. Bundle packages offer in-home support for consecutive days so you get a helper following up with you daily in the comfort of your home. Lactation support is available as stand-alone, or in addition to your doula package

Don't quit on a bad day. We all need a little help sometimes. 

View Packages

Find the perfect combination of services to fit your needs.


What my Clients Say

Leading up to and during the birth, Lana was so supportive and comforting. She helped guide me through breathing techniques, labouring positions, strategies for a positive labour experience and how my husband can support me throughout the labour. She worked seamlessly with my midwives and provided the emotional and mental support I needed to have a positive home birth experience. Postpartum, Lana  provided both my husband and I with knowledge and reassurance of our new life with our baby. 

It is evident that Lana loves what she does and her confidence in you radiates. I would recommend Lana to anyone!

Sophia W.

Lana was an essential part of our birthing experience. We truly couldn't of done this without her. Lana is kind and compassionate and truly invests herself in your journey. Her immense knowledge provides you with the confidence needed to bring your baby safely into the world. We love you Lana! 

Mercedes B.

Throughout the transition into motherhood, Lana was an amazing person to have by my side. During my pregnancy she was always there for me when I had any questions or just needed someone to talk to. She taught us many techniques and strategies to assist us in early labour. When I was delivering my baby, Lana was such an encouraging presence. She helped both me and my husband stay calm and strong through my first delivery. Even after my baby was born, she supported me through my breastfeeding journey. It felt like reaching out to her was like reaching out to a friend. I am so grateful to have had Lana in my most life altering experience! She truly is the best! 

Mariah L.

Lana was a great addition to our home birth. As a first time mom- I didn’t know exactly what to expect and I am certain that her confidence and help preparing before labour influenced our energy coming into the birth for the better. We ended up with a quick delivery of our son and both my husband and I were grateful to have her there to help us welcome him and celebrate that intense journey with us.

Her postpartum support was a great comfort for us both as well. She touched our lives and welcomed us into parenthood and we are forever grateful.

Kelsey K.

"There is a secret in our culture, and it is not that birth is painful, but that women are strong."

Laura Stavoe


Degrees and Schooling

CAPPA certified doula
member of Ontario Assoc of Doulas

Childbirth & Postpartum Professional Association (thru 2026)

Ontario Association of Doulas

Certified Labor Doula

In 2020 I completed my certification as a labor doula through CAPPA, and I have been recertified through 2026. I am also a member of the Ontario Association of Doulas. During my certification process, I was taught comfort measures, the stages of labour, and the scope and practice of a certified doula. During my own pregnancies, I completed the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth and the HypnoBabies home study course.

Rebozo certified
Birthing From Within, Heart of Mentoring Counsellor

Gena Garcia-Kirby Rebozo Workshop, 2019

Birthing From Within - Heart of Mentoring, 2023

Rebozo Certified
BFW Heart of Mentoring Counsellor

The use of the rebozo in pregnancy and labor is an ancient practice to provide strength, comfort, and relaxation to the labouring woman and her partner. We do not use the rebozo to turn babies, but rather to help create space in the mother's body and help her feel relaxed and safe. When these things happen, babies can use their primal knowledge to move into the positions needed to be born.

I have also completed the Birthing From Within Heart of Mentoring course, designed to give tools birth workers to lead parents in activities and conversations that allow for a compassionate, heart-centered approach to the birthing experience.

trained breastfeeding counsellor through Breastfeed LA

Breastfeed LA & La Leche League International

Trained Breastfeeding Educator & Counsellor

In 2020 I certified as a Lactation Education Specialist through Breastfeed LA in Los Angeles. I am also currently a La Leche League Accredited Leader since 2013. The breastfeeders I have helped have taught me much-- not just about nursing and all its challenges--but mostly about the tenacity of women, their dedication to  their goals, and their great capacity to love.

Calif State Univ., Northridge

CSU Northridge, 2011

M.A. in Theatre Arts

I completed my masters degree while birthing and breastfeeding my own babies, so I have personal experience at being a mother who multi-tasks. My passion for childbirth was evident even then, with my thesis title being Birthing Conflict: Childbirth and the Battle of the Sexes in Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama. The theatre nerds among us might recognize Mother Courage as the title of a play by Bertolt Brecht.


Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in touch with you soon.

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